Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bladnoch First impressions

This bottle was freaking expencive 799kr or about $135 or £88
Thats almost twice what it cost in other countires, but short of staring a bloody coup and over thoughing the goverment, not much I could do, if I buy it from retailer in the UK for half of what I pay here, I would have to pay the other half in taxes.
Now this was the LAST bottle Briskeby Vin monopol had of this whisky, it was more expencive and older then I had planed on buying, I had made a decition to keep to 12 year or less, so I could develop my taste and smell on the cheaper(but not neceraly less good) whiskys.
But I just fell in love with the description of this one, and liked it was independet, non chill filtarted and obviously not added caramel, because it's very light,.
To be honest, I can bearly tell whiskys apart, I highly doubt I can tell chill or not chill filtarted apart, neither the caramel, but it's kinda cool.
First impressions:
Well it smells DIFFRENT
While my untrained nose bearly can tell the diffrence from Lagavulin 16 and Highland park 18(other then the smoke and peat) this was very diffrent, sweet like brandy infact it smelled alot like brandy, but still clearly whisky.
I'm having problems putting the smells into words, it feels very fresh and young(yes I know it's 16 years old, but feels very young and fresh), some flowers. it becomes even more open and frech with two tea spoons of water, with out water it bites your nose beeing 46% abv, but with water it's more gentile. diffently sweet brandyesc
The brandy smell does not flow over to the taste, it's CLEARY whisky in taste, clear crisp malt none peaty smoke, it should have sitrus or oranges in taste, but I can't cleary tell the sweetnes apart, mabye floral sweet flower type thing, it becomes fresher with water, again it feels young and fresh, smooth, not as smooth as the HP 18 but still smooth, the taste on the whole is deepr and stronger then HP, more taste more sweet taste, malt. floral. I do not taste the licorice or the red berries,
Short, hint of malt, no peat
A very nice dram, so far the one with most clearly difined taste and smell. alot sweeter then the others

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