Saturday, 1 May 2010

Highland Park 18 Y.O

Well as you can see I've drunk allot of this one over the last week, to much as this is expensive stuff.At first I wasn't really sure about this one, it tasted allot like lagavulin 16, only less peat/smoke.But as I tried it sevral times and my dad did the same I've come to appreciate it.My dad and me had a whisky tasting evening on Friday, we tried the Bladnoch HP 18 and a Glen moray 8 yo. While I'm partial to the bladnoch, my dad did point out that HP18 taste like whisky it taste the way whisky should taste when you think of whisky. But at the same time, it's not in your face, none of the tastes overwhelm you. it had peat, but just a little, it has the classic whisky taste with it out being to strong, it's sweet(but I still can't taste the toffee) and has lots of malt taste.I can now see why allot of people think so highly of it.I'll defiantly buy more of this one.

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