Monday, 10 May 2010

Aberlour 10 Years Old

OK, new bottle today trying to stock up a small collection so I have several to choose from if I want a dram,Being only 10 this is my first jump into the younger malts.Also being young I think there might be a good amount of caramel in this one.But I highly doubt i can taste it or smell it, but it makes it feel a little like a blend, lets dump some caramel in it for consistency. I think a single malt should raise about stuff like that.
The nose: very sweet very fruity, smells almost like a pear liqueur
Taste: again sweet, sweet spices, maybe a little pepper, and there is one taste that comes at the end of the taste but before the real finish starts, the problem is that it only last a very short time and I can't put a name on the taste, very brief "oh that's a new taste" kind of thing.
Finish: is malty and dry it does leave a sweet coating on your mouth, dry malty and sweet.I fine dram especially for the price, it's about half of the bladnoch.I did not taste the smoke and it has very little malt taste only in the finish does it show up.

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