Friday, 19 November 2010

A light beer with a light whisky.

By light I don’t mean low alcohol volume, but the body and type of beverage.

In my continuing attempt to mix beer and whisky I’ve tested Nøgne Ø Wit and bladnoch whisky.

I was quite happy when I learned I liked dark beer, and was quite satifised by that, by I had to try the Nøgne Ø wit, it is made in the Belgian style wit beer, made from wheat as well as other grains. It is very light and cloudy, it very frothing and refreshing, really something that fit into the summer and barbeque, so why I’m I drinking it with Christmas on the door step, well it’s a very good beer, and since I can’t afford to buy a whisky every month to post it on the blog I have to find other things to talk about, and it’s easier to talk about beer/whisky mix then finding something ells to talk about.

So I took out my bladnoch it’s a very delicate fine light whisky, I’ve talked about it before. I kinda hate to take it out because it’s less than a 5th left in the bottle, and I don’t have access to more bladnoch, as you might know, it only makes about 100 000 liters a year, and that’s next to nothing compared to the big distilleries, the bottles are expensive and you have to snipe them when you got the option. I got this 16 year old in spring and it was the last of two bottles left in all of the Oslo area, and right now there is no bladnoch available in Norway. But I thought hey I got this very light refreshing beer and this very light and delicate whisky they might go together.
And they do, the bladnoch is as close to refreshing a whisky can get, it is sweet and light and the wit IS refreshing. Very good, not the seasons, both the beer and whisky really should be enjoyed in the spring or summer I also think this would be quite good with a refreshing apple on the porch during the first hot spring day.

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