Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hakushu Single Malt Whisky 10 y.O.

Nectar from heaven, I bought this right after Oslo Whisky festival, but saved it for good day.
Well I have just watched The pacific, so a series about a war againt japan and japanese whisky seemed like a good excuse(ok bad excuse but couldn't wait any longer)

At first I thouht I smelled red apples, and a wrote that in the blog when I tasted it at Oslo whisky festival, but it's actualy more acidic like green apples, infact the nose is very fresh acidic.
There is a faint hint of peat, but realy the fresh apple nose really knocks that peat out.

In the taste that apples are still there, but they have almost been exchanged for green grapes, and by grapes I don't mean brandy or wine, but the fruit, this is really fresh stuff, now the Bladnoch is frensh but it's still very typical spirit, the bladnoch taste like brandy, which is grape based spirits,( or apple ect.) but it dosn't taste like grape or apples, this one actualy taste like the spesific fruits, when you drink it, you want to go out and by green apples and green grapes.
There is also a stronger peat in the taste then in the nose.

There is very little peat in finish, infact it's very hard to find much taste in the finish, the alcohol kinda takes over and you just get this strong alcohol taste not pure alcohol but undiffined spirit taste, if there is any taste it has to be called floral, not much of it, but a small hint of it.

This is quickly getting to be my favorite, I'll drink more of it come weekend, and see if the love at first sight lasts.

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