Monday, 6 December 2010

Rittenhouse rye 100 proof

So I have now tasted or owned almost all types of whisk(e)y Scotch, blended, vatted and single.
I tried Japanese Whisky, irish whiskey, Bourbon, tennessee whiskey, the only ones missing is Indian but then it's not real whisky since it's not made of grain, so whats left?
Rye!!! the one I really wanted to get was Alberta Premium, but you can only get it in canada so I'm shit out of luck, but this one ait that bad, it dosn't say if it is or isn't 100% rye, dosn't say on the bottle, and havn't found the info on it online either.

This one as about as cheap as whisky gets in Norway, it cost exactly 400kr or about £42
And you get alot of taste for the money.

It's actualy quite strange, it's very spicy yet sweet, it reminds me of aberlour but with a hint of bourbon it got the sweet bourbon nose yet the deeper more complex nose of a scotch at 50% abv it bites your nose, it got wood, sirrup and pepper in the nose.

STRONG, again you have the mix of a spicy scotch and sweet bourbon, the taste is very much like the nose, wood, sirrup and pepper.

Finnish, it realy has a zing to it, very spicy finnish, and it coats your mouth with toffee that lingers and lingers.

The whole thing feels thicker more suggary then scotch it feels like a bourbon but somehow it feels like more then just bourbon.

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