Saturday, 25 December 2010

Getting burned as a heretic

A Whisky with triple purpose. I’m a little drunk so sorry for the crappy spelling even in words

Now having been into proper whisky for about a year now, I enjoy finding a proper fine single malt, and truly enjoying it. But lets face it, I’m 25, and some time I WANT to get drunk, I’m not saying I’m gonna by raving around town when I’m 75, but some time you want the effect of alcohol to effect you, now getting drunk 4 times a week will mean you have a problem, but once in a while you want to affect yourself with alcohol, it’s accepted that with gin, vodka, rum, you sometime want the effect of alcohol, don’t tell me you drink Bacardi white rum for its taste, I buy that you might drink high quality rum for its taste, but not Bacardi, same with vodka, some time you want it to just relax you, some time you want to get into a good mood. But with whisky you got something holy, whisky is aqua vita, water of live, and I agree that you don’t drink a 16 year old single malt with cola. But sometimes you want to relax, sometimes you want to get into a good mood fast.

Now drinking whisky the proper way, that is, in a nosing glass, nosing it and tasting it, you can drink almost all day without getting drunk, I’m not saying you aren’t affected, when I went to the Oslo whisky festival you could feel the noise getting lowder as the day went by, nobody is immune to alcohol. But you don’t get drunk. But getting drunk it’s always bad, once in a blue moon it’s nice. And they number of days you get drunk gets farther and farther between as you get older, unless you got a problem. So All this brings me to the Rittenhouse 100 proof, this whisky serves 3 purposes .

1. As a proper whisky, in a good whisky glass, it’s not as complex as a single malt, but it still got lots to offer, this is the preferred way of enjoying it. You got it in a good glass and nose it and think about it.
2. Mix it with cola, it got more taste then a bourbon or a blend, it can be enjoyed quite a bit with cola, this will relax you, nice after a hectic day like Christmas with the packages and family ect.

3. Get drunk, I would never get drunk on a single malt, but this whisky works on all 3 levels.
You get a shot glass and you will get a great ride to party town, it’s not spoken off, but sometimes you want to get into the party mood, and this is a great way of getting there, a 50 abv you get there fast, and it’s more than a shot of vodka, it’s smooth, it’s tasty. 50 abv has never been smoother. My excuse for this Is that I’m 25 and I’m suppose to get drunk some times.
What started all this is this video

It’s a wonderful drinking song, so I decided to get drunk while listing to this song, as I have social angst it’s hard to get drunk with other people, I can do it sometimes but not often, so about twice a year I get drunk on my own, just for the fun of it. Ok, call my childish stupid, drunk or whatever, but if you ever said you never get/got drunk for the fun of it, you either are a right wing religious nut or you started to drink at 56, again I don’t condone drunk driving or fighting or whatever, but if you want to get drunk every 3 months with you r friends and spend two hours on the toilet throwing up, then do it!

It’s part of growing up and it’s fun. I’m a liberal if you want to get drunk at 14, that’s your choice( I started at 16) I don’t believe that anybody is born an alcoholic, some people can’t handle their alcohol/weed/coke but that shouldn’t stop the rest of us(I’ve never use weed or any drug, alcohol is were I put a stop to it, but won’t stop others from trying stuff. I’m a libertarian when it comes to stuff like that.

Well I guess my point is, that whisky conquers shouldn’t take them self to serous. Yes a 12 year old single malt is something special, that shouldn’t be shotted , but whisky isn’t holy it’s not divine(I don’t believe anything is divine), and just because it’s made from grain and distilled doesn’t mean it’s untouchable. Whisky is as diverse as the universe, sometimes it’s as beautiful sunset sometimes it’s a violent supernova. I forget my point, but I think it’s about whisky havening several ways of enjoyment.

I honestly forget my point, my question is should I wait with publishing this or wait, fuck it, I’m drunk and I’m gonna publish it. Happy holydays, marry Christmas and a happy new years.

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